Los Robles Health Clinic Receives Official Approval from Municipal Government

Rural clinic seeing more than 200 patients per month

Jinotega, Nicaragua- Nov 5, 2015

Nicaragua Community Health Connection (NCHC) announces license, approval and official designation of its rural health clinic by the Municipal Government of Jinotega. The clinic will operate with the name Los Robles Clinic: Sustainable and Preventative Healthcare.


The NCHC clinic is part of a holistic and innovative joint effort between Comunidad Connect and Social Enterprise at Goizueta at Emory University. Additional partners include the nonprofit organization HOI, the National University of Nicaragua, University of Calgary, Georgia State University, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, University of Oregon and Kennesaw State University.


The municipal licensing is a major step for the initiative, which combines rural healthcare and outreach with international public health research. With this official recognition by the municipality of Jinotega,  NCHC is able to continue to work closely with the National Ministry of Health to receive a permanent operations license, granting it access to more significant resources and training opportunities. The collaboration between Comunidad Connect and the Ministry of Health will further the ability of NCHC to improve access to healthcare and education in Los Robles and surrounding communities.


Since the clinic’s opening at the beginning of 2015, Comunidad Connect staff including Dariel Potoy (Program Manager), Dr. Alfredo Alaniz (Physician), and Nerys Blandon (Community Outreach and Education Coordinator) have met repeatedly with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health to secure the proper licensing and certification. During this probationary period the clinic provided a high level of patient care to over 1500 patients. Additionally, Comunidad Connect has provided more than 150 hours of high quality preventative health education in Los Robles, and has facilitated several dozen public health projects with the support of local and foreign volunteers.


“We are constantly increasing the formality of our operation with the Nicaraguan Health Ministry, SILAIS (regional health authority), and the municipal government of Jinotega,” said Comunidad Connect founder and NCHC Program Director Jon Thompson.



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